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5G promised endless possibilities. An era of Intelligent Connectivity – the convergence of AI, Big Data, and IoT – powered by 5G. A new digitally driven industrial revolution.

As new 5G rolls out, so possibilities become reality. And by connecting everyone to everything, across every industry these opportunities are without limits.

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With a market projected to reach $70 billion by 2020, artificial intelligence is poised to have a transformative effect on consumers, enterprises, and governments around the world. While there are certainly obstacles to overcome, consumers believe that AI has the potential to assist in medical breakthroughs, democratize costly services, improve poor customer service, and even free up an overburdened workforce, allowing humans to spend more time engaged in high-level thinking, creativity, and decision-making.

Separating hype from reality remains a challenge, as does understanding the full impact of the increasingly complex technology we are implementing.

This theme will explore the real potential of AI today; what developments we can expect; and how we must manage the impact of such a profound revolution on our professional and personal lives.


Connectivity & 5G Era
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Realising the full potential of 5G is both complex and challenging, but the opportunity is near limitless in its application and impact. It will take years to reach that full potential, with dramatic investments in all parts of the network. On that journey, operators need to use each step of the way – progressively creating new capabilities – as ways to reduce costs, develop new services and drive revenues even while demand for data grows exponentially.

5G is more than just a generational step, it represents a fundamental transformation of the role that mobile technology plays in society. As demand for continuous connectivity grows, 5G is an opportunity to create an agile, purpose-built network tailored to the different needs of citizens, industry and the economy.

The Connectivity & 5G Era theme at MWC Shanghai 2020 highlights the requirements needed to ensure that 5G is a source of wide reaching value creation and economic impact. We will analyse the entire solution stack, from implementation, to use cases, scalable platforms, business models, spectrum, regulation, and investment to the business and cultural challenges of working with new and diverse markets/industries.

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Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement has been a key battleground for brands, service providers and governments for decades, but its evolution and importance has accelerated in recent years driven by the internet, mobile and then smart phones.

Expectations of a 24/7 personalised and timely customer interaction have never been higher. To achieve this, you must have a comprehensive customer engagement strategy and adopt a range of technologies to collect and analyse critical data, then automate and scale the interactions across any channel and any user interface.

The internet has globalised this battleground; now all service providers are compared with the world’s best, regardless of industry. The Customer Engagement topic will examine best practices across all industries, to understand how you can set the benchmark for customer engagement, retain and gain customers and grow revenue.


Industry X

Forecasts on the potential of Industrial IoT and Digital Transformation vary wildly, but one thing they do agree on, is that it is a huge opportunity. For example,

  • More than 80% of senior executives across industries, on average, say IoT is critical to some or all lines of their business in 2018
  • 97% of organizations feel there are challenges to creating value from IoT-related data

Using a blend of new technologies like industrial IoT, big data, AI, robotics, 3D printing and digital twins, industries can change their cost bases, unlock new business models and find new ways to engage with customers, employees, suppliers and partners.

To fully embrace these opportunities, cross-sector partnerships will be absolutely essential. What is the role each stakeholder in the value chain and how should they relate? How can we build a new generation of industry securely? Where will the skills resources come from? Many questions remain, but the potential is limitless.

Our Planet

Our Planet

Mobile technology has the power to help individuals, societies and even the earth’s ecosystem. From assisting people with disability to lowering energy consumption, more than ever the world needs our sector to be a fundamental contributor to creating a safe, clean and equitable world for all. As well as a responsibility, it also stands as a business opportunity driven by demand from consumers worldwide. The “Our Planet” activities at MWC Shanghai 2020 will discuss why and how we can contribute to the environment and support underserved people, including the unconnected and disabled.

Security & Privacy

Security & Privacy

Cybersecurity has always been a huge, if at times inconvenient, topic. More recently mobile telecoms security has been under heavy scrutiny, especially around 5G, due to its vast potential and use cases, which makes it an area of geo-political interest.

Recent scandals have also eroded trust in the privacy of the digital ecosystem – both from hacking and from unprincipled actors. Coupled with the growing interest in legislation around privacy and the ethics of data usage as we enter the AI era, we are at a pivotal juncture in the evolution of the Internet.

Industry must understand its growing responsibilities and work to create the right balance with consumers, governments, regulators and industries.

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