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Smart Mobility belongs at the heart of the regions’s largest connectivity event. From more efficient travel, to greener and safer innovations. Connect with the most influential names in the sector – and accelerate your business growth.

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The Future of Smart Mobility starts at MWC Shanghai

With connected car services predicted to be worth $81bn by 2030*, 5G is proving to be the driving force behind revolutionising the automotive industry. The connected vehicle market is one of the highest growth areas in the IoT, delivering the biggest impact on the safety of citizens and huge revenue opportunities for the mobile and automotive industries.

The future of mobility will see autonomous vehicles, cleaner and greener travelling and even cars that can make payments for things like parking and tolls.

Showcase your innovations, products and vision and connect with the automotive sector to fast track your ambitions.

*Strategy& | PwC, 2019 (stat refers to US, EU and CN markets)

Are you driving the future of Smart Mobility?

The connected vehicle market will provide huge potential and opportunity for both the Automotive and mobile connectivity ecosystems. Accelerate your business by exhibiting, or ask about sponsorship opportunities to engage with potential leads.

Get Involved with Smart Mobility @MWC

This is the place for automotive innovators to showcase your vision and ambition to industry leaders and learn how 5G is accelerating the entire mobility ecosystem. Find out how you can participate and discover the benefits for your business. Join us as we reconnect, reimagine, and reinvent.

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