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Case Study: Nreal at past MWC Shanghai

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Transforming mixed reality glasses into a virtual success

Nreal is a technology company that develops mixed reality glasses and application experiences. Its self-developed flagship product, Nreal Light, was released as the industry’s first consumer mixed reality glasses in 2019 – with the stunning display effects and outstanding interactive experience receiving unanimous praise from the industry.


CEO of Nreal, Xu Chi, explains the experience at MWC:

“This is the first time that we have participated in MWC Shanghai as an individual booth and I feel very honoured.”

Nreal recognises MWC Shanghai as Asia’s leading technology event, convening industry partners and the global media. With a goal to increase brand exposure in China and worldwide, Nreal aims to enable more industry professionals and consumers to understand the core features of Nreal ‘5G+MR’. Many of the MR apps unveiled this time will be migrated onto its flagship product Nreal Light’s platform.

Xu explains, “… we announced Nreal’s commercialisation progress with major global operators in the past two years, including South Korea LGUplus, Japan KDDI, Germany DT, etc.”

GSMA has been instrumental in shining a light on 5G technology. In fact, Nreal Light was among the many groundbreaking applications for 5G that debuted at MWC and this was the first time MR glasses were revealed to be compatible with leading carriers and OEMs. We’re excited to be continuing our relationship with GSMA to revolutionize an industry that will shape our future.

Chi Xu

CEO and Founder of Nreal

In addition to their booth, Xu was invited to participate as a Keynote of MWC Shanghai. During the show, the company made a number of major announcements, such as the launch of the latest Nreal Light glasses, as well as plans to complete the ‘5G+MR’ in North America and China. The commercialisation of ‘Nreal Light’ will officially land in Europe in March and the United States in the second quarter.

During the three-day event, Nreal’s exhibition booth was packed full of people taking a keen interest in the IMAX theatre-like immersive experience powered by 5G, by wearing Nreal Light. A perfect opportunity to see how the product’s spatial perception capabilities seamlessly integrate the virtual digital world with the real world, to realise a ‘mirrored world’.


Xu describes the networking potential of MWC Shanghai and the benefits to his company:

“We were very honoured to have in-depth exchanges with local and foreign operators and other business partners at such an exhibition. We hope to work with GSMA to accelerate the development of 5G commercialisation.”

He also mentioned that Nreal relies on this world-class window to showcase its excellent globalisation results and more exciting possibilities of 5G+MR:

“I look forward to more exciting Nreal achievements at MWC Shanghai next year and sharing the results with everyone!”

MWC is the leading conference that combines 5G with smartphone technology and where the world’s leading carriers and mobile manufacturers converge. More significantly, MWC was the ideal platform to get in front of leading stakeholders in the mobile Internet industry. With Nreal’s participation at MWC Shanghai, the brand was able to showcase not just Nreal Light, but announce the launch of its enterprise business by unveiling the Nreal Enterprise Edition. The exposure to both industry insiders and prospective customers on-the-ground, along with the participation of eager press looking to spotlight the next groundbreaking technology or mobile business model, made MWC Shanghai invaluable for Nreal’s marketing strategy and business.

Olivia Stockwell

Head of Global Marketing & PR, Nreal

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