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26-28 JUNE 2019

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Categories for the 2018 Asia Mobile Awards

The 2018 AMOs will include 14 awards under 7 categories. Covering a broad range of areas focusing on mobile tech, services, devices, social good, as well as the fourth industrial revolution. New awards highlight the latest innovation for smart cities, as well as outstanding achievements in Women4Tech. Click on the below categories to see full context descriptions and information on eligibility, criteria, process and supporting materials required to complete your entry.

1. Mobile Tech

Mobile technology affects the everyday lives of more than 5 billion people worldwide, transforming industries and contributing to the global economy. Networks and technology are at the epicentre of mobile innovation, and this category seeks to award the companies that are revolutionising the capabilities and reach of mobile and digital technology in the Asian ecosystem.

Awards in this category are:

a. Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough – Asia

This category recognises the many mobile technology advances and industry leadership achieved in Asia, developed for or deployed in any Asian market.

It captures breakthrough technology enhancement in the entire mobile ecosystem – a very wide ranging space that includes components, microprocessors, memory, chips sets, screens, audio, batteries, m2m devices, or indeed network technologies to name but a few and even looks at design innovation and form-factors. It is aimed at recognising the tremendous diversity of the mobile ecosystem as it continues to innovate and add new dimensions to the customer experience.

The Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough – Asia award highlights the contribution that mobile operators, manufacturers and suppliers make to increase mobile usage, expand the user experience and help expand business opportunities. See below for examples.

  • Support to handset enrichment such as new screen technology, browsers, operating systems, memory, battery life extensions, m2m devices, usability (please note smartphones have their own category – 4a & 4b).
  • Support to multi-language environments.
  • All forms of components and semi-conductors including chip sets and memory, used in the entire mobile ecosystem (not only in devices).
  • New designs, hardware and form-factor breakthroughs or development in materials leading to lighter, cheaper, longer lasting products.
  • Application of new sciences in the mobile ecosystem.
  • Technology advancements in the operations and maintenance of mobile networks including tools and systems.

2017 Winner
China Unicom for eSIM-based Consumer IoT Solution

b. Best Innovation for LTE to 5G Evolution

This category reflects the industry’s next big evolution – from LTE or 4G towards 5G – including light-speed mobile broadband, network transformation, optimised content delivery and IoT, and as yet a host of unforeseen applications…

LTE and LTE-Advanced networks have played a significant role in providing data services to mobile customers around the world and are now well established in leading markets. The advent of further network upgrades in the move to 5G will provide even lower latency, incredible reliability and super-fast speeds and usher in a range of benefits to a whole host of businesses in vertical and adjacent industries and citizens alike.

The award for Best Innovation for LTE to 5G Evolution aims to highlight the next wave of innovation and visions for new mobile applications, products and services, use cases, new business models and new opportunities that advance the value of mobile technology, moving beyond simple connectivity, pushing the boundaries of what might be possible with mobile in the near future.

What are the big ideas that make the leap from being an LTE mobile broadband network to a network of the future? What new services can be realized to make the most of the advanced capabilities that an evolved LTE network and 5G offer? Or even how will traditional vertical industries be revolutionized by the capabilities offered by evolved LTE networks and 5G?

2017 Winner
SK Telecom and Ericsson for World-First 5G Connected Car

c. Best IoT Innovation for Mobile Networks

This category aims to identify and recognise innovative IoT (Internet of Things) devices, products, solutions and services that utilise new technology developments in, and standards for mobile networks.

Entries are sought that address specific new features of mobile technology such as power saving, small data rates, lower cost devices and better indoor coverage which provide connectivity and services that could not be previously achieved. Such services could be provided to various vertical markets including for example, as well as many others:

  • Transport: Traffic management, parking
  • Public Safety: Street lighting, signs
  • Healthcare: Wearable bands or clothing
  • Environment: Air quality, weather sensing, flood control
  • Utilities: Metering, waste management, sewerage
  • Industrial: Production facilities
  • Agriculture: Crop management, soil monitoring

These might include, for example, and among many others – mobile products, services and applications that enable devices and sensors that only require to give a small amount of data, once a day, and requires a long battery life in a secure, scalable and standardised network. Effectively this means connecting machines and sensors that could not be connected previously.

Judges will be looking for entries that demonstrate genuine innovation and new thinking to meet these challenges, which should not be conceptual but actual implementations to date in either emerging markets or advanced economies of Asia. Entries can either address specific challenges in a singular approach, or demonstrate a combination of applications, products or services.

In essence, we are looking for product, technology, service or application innovation and/or new mobile business models that will create new markets that previously were not technically or commercially viable.

Specifically, entries should demonstrate the best use of new 3GPP (Release 13) standardised Mobile Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technologies for LTE CatM, Narrow-Band-IoT or EC-GSM-IoT technologies.

2017 Winner
Huawei for Huawei NB-IoT Solution

2. Consumer

Every sector is facing a technological revolution as consumers migrate to the connected digital age. This category honours companies who have redefined the business-to-consumer relationship, from a transaction to an interactive and personalised dialogue.

Awards in this category:

a. Best Mobile App for Connected Living

This award recognising a wide range of transformative, innovative mobile apps that enhance or bring new benefits to everyday life, including retail, brands, financial solutions, health, fitness and well-being, travelling, transport and leisure. Calling for apps that enable richer experiences and smarter ways to access, plan, transact and engage. It is for a broad range of mobile apps that enhance the daily lives of consumers through smarter, more efficient, seamless and simpler access to everyday services.

These might include, for example mobile apps that enable people to access all aspects of healthcare, maintain healthy lifestyles, control and make the home smarter or more efficient, apps that make travelling far more enjoyable, such as in car infotainment, public transport, parking and navigation as well as making bookings for travel, entertainment, hospitality and leisure, making daily life more seamless, stress-free and simple. We invite innovative submissions that could range from the use of mobile in couponing and loyalty, inventory management, distribution and operational logistics to brand campaigns, browsing, trying, buying and all forms of online and in-store experiences that build customer trust, confidence and the success of many other facets of connected living. Judges will be looking for entries that demonstrate genuine innovation and new thinking to meet these challenges.

2017 Winner
SK Telecom for Smart Home

3. Fourth Industrial Revolution

As the fusion of technology between physical and digital continues to reshape how the world works, as we look to manage our burgeoning population and finite resources. There are key companies who are pioneering in creating services that are at the forefront of a digital shift. The highlight of this category is recognition of the best app for business along with the best innovation for smart cities in across Asia.

Awards in this category are:

a. Best Mobile App for Business

The Best Mobile App for Business recognises enterprise and productivity apps that introduce the most innovative mobile tools to help small, medium or large corporations and enterprise users. It recognises companies, innovators, entrepreneurs and developers that deliver best in class mobile working tools across a wide range of business, productivity and enterprise applications.

The judges will look for entries that deliver best in class products and solutions to the enterprise, be it for operations, distribution and logistics, finance, accounting, sales, HR, marketing and communications, outsourcing, field applications, project management or indeed any other aspect of business efficiencies.

2017 Winner
Moneycontrol.com for Moneycontrol – Markets on Mobile App

b. Best Mobile Innovation for Smart Cities (NEW)

This award aims to identify and recognise transformative, innovative contributions to the evolution of Smart Cities across Asia via the use of mobile technology and connectivity.

Entries are sought from a wide variety of organisations in the mobile and technology ecosystem that address specific urban challenges, fuel economic activity, improve the environment, provide service or cost efficiencies for the city or improve the quality of life for citizens and visitors in a tangible, sustainable way.

These might include (but are not limited to) mobile products, services and applications that enable people to easily access information about city services, move around easily, improve the efficiency of a city’s operations, improve safety and security, tackle pollution and climate change or enhance everyday work and leisure experiences in the context of smarter living in the urban environment.

Judges will be looking for entries that demonstrate genuine innovation and new thinking to meet these challenges, which should not be conceptual but actual implementations to date in either emerging markets or advanced economies. Entries can either address specific urban challenges in a singular approach, or demonstrate a combination of applications, products or services that together enhance the management and coordination of smart city services via platforms, infrastructure, citizens and vehicles, to generate new insights, reduced costs and provide a range of connected services.

New for 2018

4. Device

This category will celebrate the achievements in hardware developments that are stimulating advancements in the mobile sector. We want to see technology that is changing how consumers interact with devices. This category has a strong reputation for recognising Asian market disruptors and game changers ahead of others. These awards are nominated and judged by world leading independent analysts, journalists and others and are therefore high among the most sought-after awards.

Best Mobile Devices

There are two award categories for Best Mobile Devices:

a. Best Smartphone (Not Open for Entry)

The Best Smartphone award combines outstanding performance, hardware and software innovation, ergonomic design, new features and functionality, value for money and market leadership. This will be determined through assessment of smartphones on the market during 2017 (and up to end March 2018), by world leading independent analysts, journalists and influencers.

2017 Winner
Samsung for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

b. Disruptive Device Innovation (Not Open for Entry)

This award is connecting devices and ‘things’ that have the potential to be game changers in terms of leading edge consumer device breakthrough that advances the user experiences as well as those that bring whole new capabilities and experiences to the market. These will be determined and nominated by our judging panel. ‘Disruptive Devices’ includes a whole realm of connected ‘things’ from wearables and hearables to cars, bikes, drones, watches, cameras and of course VR headsets as well as everything in between…

2017 Winner HTC for HTC Vive

Neither of these categories are open for submission as they are based on the individual nominations submitted and decided by our specialist judging panel.

This process is designed to recognise a combination of criteria (from design to value, performance, innovation and market success) to find the best, most innovative devices, with the highest demand on the market, we select judges who study devices and their impact on the market for a living, to put forward their nominations and decide the winner.

Products nominated by our panel consideration will have been available on the market during 2017 and, up to end March 2018. As such, they do not have to have been manufactured in Asia, but must have been available in at least one Asian market during this time.

5. 4YFN Startup of the Year

4YFN (4 Years From Now) is a startup business platform of GSMA and Mobile World Capital Barcelona that enables startups, investors, corporations and public institutions to discover, create and launch new ventures together, strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Awards in this category:

a. 4YFN Startup of the Year (NEW)

MWC Shanghai 2018 is bringing 4YFN to Asia for the third time, continuously highlighting the key mega tech trends and exploring disruptive innovation with a complete programme for startups, investors and corporations devoted to boosting their disruptive businesses in the tech, mobile and digital ecosystem. 4YFN offers unique connecting initiatives, such as custom networking activities, inspirational talks, technical abilities workshops, community outreach and the startup & investors summit.

The 4YFN Startup of the Year Award 2018 is focused on accelerating business development and the investment of new technologies within the startup community.

10 finalists will be selected to pitch on the main stage, meet with investors and exhibit free in a highlighted area at 4YFN Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018. The overall winner will be announced and awarded as 4YFN Startup of the Year.

This category is free for enter. The entry submission and judging process is managed by the 4YFN administration team and decided by 4YFN judging panel.

New for 2018

b. The Choice of Judges: IoT Startup of the Year (NEW)

The Choice of Judges: IoT Startup of the Year, presented by 4YFN in partnership with BGTA, is designed to recognise the best global IoT & Cleantech startups across the US, EU and Asia. The winner will be selected by a special judging panel from the entries, be awarded at the 4YFN Award Final, and receive a guaranteed place in BGTA’s accelerator program in Shanghai.

BGTA is committed to fostering the development of a global tech and investment ecosystem through accelerating tech companies from the UK, the EU and the US in China. Headquartered in London, with China-based operations, BGTA’s open innovation network includes world-class investors, technology companies, academic organisations and government institutions. The winner will benefit from BGTA’s extensive global network and knowledge.

This category is free for enter. The entry submission and judging process is managed by the 4YFN administration team and decided by 4YFN judging panel.

New for 2018

6. Social Good

Mobile is making a vital contribution to the social and economic development of countries and nations throughout Asia. The GSMA is committed to connecting everyone and everything to a better future. These awards recognise the companies who are dedicated to innovating for the communities that are most in need.

Awards in this category are:

a. Best Mobile Innovation for Emerging Markets

The internet is the most important enabler of social development and economic growth of our time. Mobile is making a vital contribution to its access, and as a result, to the social and economic development of countries and nations throughout Asia.

Already 3.75 billion people are online globally, directly benefiting from and contributing to the digital economy. Some 4 billion people remain offline, unable to participate and unaware of the opportunities.

The opportunities enabled by mobile to reach societies, communities and people to deliver communications that make a significant positive difference regardless of their age, language, abilities, geographic location or economic status, are increasingly the focus of new and innovative business models and technologies. This award recognises genuine innovation in mobile initiatives, programmes, products, apps, services and devices that are having a tangible effect on the inclusion, accessibility and vitality of countries throughout Asia and their digital economies, societies, cities and rural development.

This includes all forms of technology, device, service and app innovation that has fuelled the drive to ‘connect the unconnected’, bringing affordable mobile voice and data communications to people for the very first time, as well as services and initiatives that have had a proven effect on the empowerment of people, as well as their social and economic well-being.

2017 Winner
Ericsson for Ericsson Connected Mangroves, Malaysia

b. Outstanding Mobile Contribution to the UN SDGs in Asia

In September 2015, the UN introduced its Sustainable Development Goals — a 17-point plan to end poverty, combat climate change and fight injustice and inequality.

They are the biggest attempt in the history of the human race to make the world a better place.

Mobile networks have the power to accelerate this journey in a way no other technology can. That is why we are united in support for helping tackle the Sustainable Development Goals – or SDGs – as they are known. As mobile is the first industry to come together and get behind the UN, we will continue to ensure that connectivity plays a key role in helping achieve the 17 targets by 2030.

Connectivity is one of the most important enablers of social development and economic growth in our time. And its prevalence in our everyday lives has transformed the way we live, work, access essential services and communicate with each other. To-date we have connected over half the planet, and we won’t stop here. Our purpose underlies our commitment to continue on this path and help shape a world in which we all benefit from the opportunities that connectivity delivers.

This award highlights and showcases the very best examples of connectivity by Asia’s mobile ecosystem in supporting and contributing to the SDGs throughout the region.

Judges will be looking for submissions that demonstrate real mobile innovation and ingenuity to support and contribute to any one or several of the challenges set out in the global goals, which should not be conceptual but actual implementations – including at least one Asian country – to date.

2017 Winner
Ericsson and Telenor Myanmar for Pure Solar Site

7. Outstanding Achievement

Behind every technological advancement and zeitgeist shift in the sector there is an individual who has relentlessly dedicated his or her time, resources and energy to make change possible. This category looks to honour these individuals and companies who have gone above and beyond to contribute positively to the connected digital community in the Asian ecosystem.

Awards in this category are:

a. Outstanding Contribution to the Asian Mobile Industry (Not Open for Entry)

The Outstanding Contribution to the Asian Mobile Industry Award is the most prestigious in the Asia Mobile Awards.

The award recognises sustained or extraordinary contributions by individuals, organisations or collaborative achievements that advance the value and benefits of mobile communications for people, business and societies in Asia. This discretionary award is selected by the GSMA.

2016 Winner
Dr Hans Wijayasuria, Chief Executive, Dialog Axiata

2017 Winner
Mr Shang Bing, Chairman, China Mobile & Mr Li Yue, CEO, China Mobile

This category is NOT open for entry. The winner will be announced at Mobile World Congress Shanghai in June 2018.

b. Women4Tech – Asia Mobile Industry Leadership (NEW)

This new and special Asian Women4Tech Award recognizes and celebrates leadership in the establishment of initiatives by people within the industry (males & females) to encourage and retain women and girls in the telecommunications industry or in the larger mobile entrepreneurial ecosystem.

GSMA Women4Tech is focused on successfully addressing the gender gap in the mobile industry by showcasing this issue and industry action and building networks for future action at GSMA events. Gender equality in technology strengthens the industry and builds valuable professional communities and networks. It also supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and in particular SDG 5: “to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”.

Collectively, we are driving the greater inclusion of women and girls in the mobile and digital ecosystem through improving gender equality in education, the industry and the economy.

With the support from the public and private sector, globally, Women4Technology focuses on four key areas:

  • Empowering Technology:
    e.g. Equality in the workplace, career development and talent retention.
  • Encouraging Technology:
    e.g. Mentorship programmes, education and youth programmes.
  • Transforming Technology:
    e.g. Communication and media, business verticals (fintech, retail, automotive).
  • Innovating in Technology:
    e.g. Entrepreneurship, startups and incubators supporting women and app development.

We are therefore seeking – nominations and entries of individuals that highlight and reflect the role of women in these areas.

This category is free to enter. We seek nominations for individuals that have made an outstanding contribution to closing the industry gender gap.

New for 2018

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