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Our world-class thought-leadership conference programme covers the most critical topics in the tech industry.

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Call for Speakers is now open!

Any information that you share will be kept confidential inside our conference team, so if you would like to use the stage to make announcements, demonstrate new products/services etc then let us know. We will not share information outside the team without your agreement.

What do we look for in good proposals?

  • Focus on strategic issues and practical experience, not products
  • Elements that will create audience impact e.g. new research; demonstrations; companies not usually seen in a tech/telco event
  • Where we are choosing between two equally good topics, seniority of speaker will be a factor

Our conference team has created a blog where they offer tips and insights into the GSMA conference process and what is happening with our events. Check out Conference Confidential today! Especially, you might like this article about what makes a great proposal.

What are your chances of being selected?

The quality and number of topic proposals is rising all the time. In 2019 more than 50 speakers were accepted from around 500 proposals. Speakers were accepted from more than 20 countries across Asia and beyond, from start-ups to major companies…so everybody has a chance.

*Please put forward any proposals before 30 January 2020 to have the best chance of being selected. We will keep the Become a Speakers site open after this so you can share fresh ideas with the team at any time, but the agenda will be filling up fast and there will be fewer opportunities. However, we will also consider all proposals in case they could add value to other GSMA events in the calendar or even MWC Shanghai 2021.

If you submit your topic proposal before 30 January 2020, we will respond by 28 February.
If you submit your topic proposal before 31 March 2020, we will respond by 30 April.

Share Your Passion at the Future Mobility Stage

If you are passionate about the potential for future mobility, then speak up and apply to take centre stage in Shanghai!


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