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The Conference at MWC Shanghai 2020 featured thought-provoking presentations from some of the tech industry’s most influential executives, who share their visions of the tech industry while providing essential insights on current and future trends.

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2020 Overview

The full conference, forums and seminars agenda will be available soon, but here is what you can expect:

Day 1: Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Agenda Dayone 1 EN

Opening Ceremony & Keynote 1: Limitless

Leading CEOs discuss their plans and visions of a 5G future

Welcome to MWC: Orientation for Non-Telco Visitors

MWC Shanghai can be overwhelming for visitors, especially first-time visitors. This introductory session from GSMAi will give you the latest research on what’s going on in the tech and telco world; how it aligns with the needs of other industries; and how you can make the best of your visit to the show.

Telco Transformation Summit

Building a digitalised, customer centric future for APAC’s telcos

In the Asia-Pacific region, housing over fifty mobile operators and more than two billion subscribers, the demand for mobile internet shows continuous growth. As the influence of digitalisation on lifestyles through the region grows, mobile operators have increasingly strategised around creating customer centric experiences in their core services, and increasingly in new services such as finance and media.

Meanwhile, investments in the network and IT infrastructure are enabling digital transformation in enterprise clients as well as their own digitalisation. We see this in services such as cloud, edge, security and IoT solutions. According to the World Economic Forum, digitalisation could contribute approximately $100 trillion in value to the telco industry over the next decade.

This summit will highlight the many facets to digitalisation for mobile operators and why customer engagement is at the forefront.

Future Mobility Stage Day 1

Catalysts for change, value creation, partnership models, 5G V2X, future car design

GSMA Future IoT Convention

Agenda Dayone 2 EN

Keynote 2: Limitless Customers

Thought leading CEOs defy traditional, geographic and industry boundaries

Leaders Stage: Greentech

Cut costs and benefit the planet: The best greentech APAC can offer

Greentech (Green Technology) for many people only relates to concerns of climate change and a growing scarcity of natural resources. However, greentech – essentially, altering production processes to reduce negative by-products and increase efficiency – has existed since the industrial revolution. Behind the buzzword is a burgeoning industry that’s attracting enormous amounts of investment capital. The benefits extend to financial opportunities as well as creating a more sustainable, cleaner environment.

This rapid fire presentation style session will feature the best Greentech technologies that the Asia-Pacific region has to offer.

Banking & Fintech Summit

Competition, collaboration and regulation for the intelligent connectivity age

Today there is a crucial tension at the heart of the financial industry. Technology is changing fast, along with the capabilities it offers to reinvent traditional cost bases, value propositions, services and customer engagement. Meanwhile compliance, regulation, legacy infrastructure and risk mitigation all limit how, and how fast, those technologies are applied. It’s like pressing the brakes and the accelerator at the same time.

Banks and fintech firms are facing the same challenge, but from two very different starting-points. In 2020 we will see more co-innovation and collaboration between banks and fintechs to find answers… but there are other ways forward. Virtual banking and neobanks are on the rise globally; open banking offers an ecosystem play to those who can seize the opportunity; while we are seeing both banks and fintech firms partnering with brands in industries such as telco, automotive and more to create new services.

How should local conditions affect your strategy, and how can established banks and fintechs overcome the challenges each faces in developing effective partnerships – both with each other and outside the financial industry? The Banking and Fintech Summit explores all these solutions through lively debate and thought-provoking case studies.

Smart City Forum

Digital Leaders Programme

(invitation only roundtable)

Day 2: Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Agenda Daytwo 1 EN

Day Two Keynote: Limitless Industry

Top CEOs enabling breakthroughs for APAC companies large and small

Industry X Summit

Combining strategy, technology and partnerships for today’s industrial revolution

Today’s world is in constant change with the introduction of new technologies such as 5G, applied intelligence and Internet of Things providing platforms for new business models and services to grow. Diverse industries such as sports, gaming, banking and fashion are now powered by this blend of technology and in doing so, a new digitally driven industrial revolution is underway: Industry X. Consumers are set to benefit most, enjoying applications and services at the touch of their fingertips. For manufacturers and brands this opens up new models of engagement, as well as offering new opportunities and efficiencies in producing and shipping stock… and new challenges in effective, secure operational transformation.

The Industry X Summit welcomes cross-sector leaders to discuss how, within a fast changing digital landscape, mobile can play a key part of the emerging ecosystem.

Leaders Stage: Blockchain

Best practices and hands-on advice to boost your business with blockchain

Much of the hype over blockchain has passed – only to be replaced by practical, real-world usage in 2020. Many large enterprises and consortia are using services based on blockchain and distributed ledgers today. Whether you’re an SME or a multinational, this Leaders Stage session will bring you practical insights from leading companies into how enterprise blockchain can be used; what it’s not ready to do yet; and how you can implement it to streamline your business activities and boost your bottom line.

The AMO Awards Ceremony

Future Mobility Stage Day 2

Vehicle data, autonomous vehicles, ridesharing & in-vehicle infotainment

5G Private Networks Forum

Agenda Daytwo 2 EN

Diversity & Inclusion Forum

Entertainment 2025 Summit

Sharing the $2.6tn 5G era market for hardware, streaming, gaming, VR and more

By 2025, PwC forecasts that the entertainment market will be worth $2.6tn, with the greatest growth in Asia Pacific. We can expect to see a growth in personalisation and curated entertainment through digital, while technologies such as streaming, edge and cloud services, VR, XR and haptics will grow dramatically. The implications for gaming, video and music services are huge – from the hardware all the way through to integrated messaging and experience-sharing; AI-controlled media and gaming environments; and the intelligence in the network. The business models and partnerships to support this emerging ecosystem are still being developed, but they bring together media, gaming, technology and telecoms in ways previously unheard-of.

Join us in the Entertainment 2025 Summit, bringing together the most influential and innovative minds to understand what the 5G era entertainment industry will look like, and how to take a share of this huge opportunity. 


  • What will the 2025 APAC entertainment market look like?
  • Entertainment hardware: Screens and beyond
  • Media personalisation in the 5G era
  • The evolution of the APAC gaming environment
  • Partnership models and opportunities for the telecommunications sector
  • Monetising the 2025 entertainment environment
  • Content creation and distribution
  • Live experiences cross the real/virtual divide – From 5G to AR
  • Start-up Showcase: Companies to watch

Leaders Stage: Cybersecurity

Protecting yourself from the new generation of cybercrimes

5G Spectrum & Policy Forum

eSIM Forum

mmWave Forum

Day 3: Thursday, 2 July 2020

Agenda Daythree 1 EN

Connectivity & 5G Summit

Reshaping network infrastructure, software, operations & standards for the next decade

It will take quite some time for 5G to deliver on its promise across APAC. For reasons of strategy, finance and technological immaturity, it will coexist with – and complement – LTE, WiFi and other solutions for the foreseeable future. What’s certain is that deployment of 5G will not mirror the costly 3G process… not least because of the attention being paid to enterprise users.

If the path towards 5G seems difficult, there are some quieter revolutions under way that every operator stands to benefit from… and which will simplify 5G adoption later on. Innovation at all levels of the technology stack can reshape your company’s financials and business strategy.

In the Connectivity & 5G Summit we will focus on critical elements that take business and technology transformation forward hand-in-hand, including:

  • Network virtualisation, cloudification & open-ness: progress & implications
  • Developing LTE, NB-IoT and WiFi capabilities
  • The opportunities in emerging operator platforms
  • Taking advantage of an infrastructure revolution
  • Operations & process transformation enabling new use cases and cutting costs

Join our experts as we share best practices, updates and case studies that help you understand each element; how they fit together; and how to use them as vital enablers of your company’s transformation.

Leaders Stage: Customer Engagement

Best practices for building relationships in a crowded digital age

Consumers today have more power and influence than ever before. Social media and constant connectivity have shifted the ways in which brands achieve success, driven by entertainment and creativity. To succeed in the digital era, it is mandatory to understand and adopt the latest technologies and channels preferred by your target market.

Successful brands now see customer experience and customer service as drivers of business growth and innovation. Consumers enjoy connecting with brands such as Grab, Taobao, Netflix, Deliveroo because they are fanatical about providing an experience that is both distinctive and effective. These companies’ disruptive and innovative ways have not only allowed them to acquire new customers at a lower cost but also turned them into reliable repeat customers.

Join us as we learn lessons in best practice which any company can learn and implement.

Future Mobility Stage Day 3

Urban mobility, public transport, intelligent traffic systems

Agenda Daythree 2 EN

AI Summit

Intelligence at the heart of business productivity, innovation and personalisation

Businesses in the Asia-Pacific region are adopting machine learning and AI at a staggering rate. According to Protiviti’s AI/ML Global survey report, “Among companies in the (Asia Pacific) region, 22% are at advanced stages of machine learning against just 7% in Europe and 11% in North America… 43% of Asia-Pacific firms see AI as important to their business’s future, versus 33% of firms in North America and just 18% in Europe.”

Any market’s competiveness is limited by two vital factors: Innovation and productivity. AI is set to accelerate the rate of innovation and employee productivity over the next few years. It offers the tangible potential to drive the next phase of economic growth in the Asia region.

This Summit will show how the adoption of AI and machine learning is triggering productivity gains, and how to leverage it in your business.

Leaders Stage: Retail

Surviving and thriving in a fast-changing retail environment

As Deloitte’s Retail Transformation report comments, “New technologies and new ways to connect with consumers are transforming the retail sector”. Online shoppers are demanding more responsiveness than ever, as evidenced by Amazon’s recent shift to free one-day shipping. Meanwhile, brands and traditional retailers are forced to innovate and deliver an exceptional customer experience across multiple touch points in order to compete with the newcomers. For example, Toyota recently allowed users to try out ten of their cars in augmented reality, saving them the need to pick up keys.

This session will highlight the techniques, strategies and technology used by leading retailers and brands to keep them relevant in today’s changing retail landscape.

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