AI in Telco

Empowering the future of Asia’s Telecom Industry

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Artificial Intelligence technology is enhancing the service of telecommunication networks in Asia, as well as their business opportunities. For a start, it helps operators improve efficiency and quality by mining and analysing information that’s usually hidden, in a large amount of operating data. While the mature intelligence technology of image, voice and semantics has enabled telecommunication services to diversify, so they can develop new business forms and space in the market. Yet how can operators and AI specialists join together for a brighter future for both industries?

Telecom networks partner with the AI ecosystem


From 2018 to 2025, the telecom industry will be the largest market segment of AI, because operators are key users of the technology. Find out how Network Intelligence is the basis for future AI development, and the biggest focus of AI applications is network operation management.


Become an exhibitor in the ‘AI in Telco’ exhibition, showcasing your products to the global market.

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