10th Anniversary – Innovation & Change



Xu Ziyang, CEO of ZTE, offering valuable insights and a forward-looking vision on participating in MWC Shanghai.

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What impressed you most in the past decade at MWC Shanghai? Why are you coming to the event this year?

Over the past decade, MWC Shanghai has undoubtedly been Asia’s most influential event in the industry, and it is becoming more diverse and inclusive. This year, we are glad to gather here once again to delve into digital innovation and witness new growth together.

In your opinion, what is the biggest innovation and change in terms of your brands/products in the past decade?

We are now facing a surging digital wave, where digital innovation is changing the world faster than ever before. To stay ahead of the trend, ZTE is dedicated to becoming a driver of digital economy. With end-to-end ICT capabilities, we aim to speed up digital transformation of the global community with our partners.

Carrying the spirit of innovation, in your opinion, what is a critical conversation the technology community should be having right now?

To create greater value, we work with partners in the mobile ecosystem to explore how and where innovation can be fully unleashed. About “how”, innovation needs to address the pain points of industries, and promote convergence of the physical and digital worlds for sustainable economic growth. About “where”, we hope that digital innovation can benefit everyone, everywhere, to ultimately close the digital divide.

What can our audience expect to see/hear from your team at MWC Shanghai this year? If to use three words highlighting your booth onsite, what would that be?

At this MWC Shanghai, fully connecting with our customers and end users, we will present the new value we have created in seven scenarios. At the ZTE booth, you will be immersed in innovative ideas of extending technological boundaries, integrating core capabilities, and enabling autonomous intelligence. Surely ZTE will join hands with the ecosystem partners to shape digital innovation together!

See you in MWC Shanghai.

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