Better Future

Mobile is one of the most transformative technology in history that has shaped society as we know today. It has not only defined the way we interact and do business, but also become the fundamental enabler of digital transformation across industries. In this ever-changing world full of uncertainties, mobile industry has proved its ability to overcome adversity, to empower the unempowered, and to connect the unconnected. The way ahead is going to be difficult but the mobile industry will continue to invest, innovate, and build strong partnerships to empower our tomorrow. The mobile industry is the first sector to commit to all of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and remains determined to overcome obstacles through globally connected impact for the Decade of Action, and intelligently connect everyone and everything to a better future.

Why not stop for a moment in this session, and join our debate on what we have achieved & what are still need to be done? How to use technology for the benefit of humanity, of nature, and of the planet?

Spotlight- Showcase Your Startups!

This session is celebrating the fastest growing and most innovative startups in the tech industry. 10 startups from MWC Shanghai 2021 will be selected to have a startup pitch at the Leadership Stage in front of the professional audience from investors, corporate innovations, media and global innovation communities.

** This spotlight session is open ONLY to the startups exhibitors at MWC Shanghai 2021.
**GSMA will scout and select 10 startups and each startup will have 8 min to demonstrate their finest production and technologies.

Diversity and Femtech
Femtech startups have grown to become some of the hottest startups out there. Investors are starting to recognize the value of this industry, which is estimated to be worth $50 billion by 2025, according to Frost & Sullivan. Women in the workforce spend 29% more per capita on healthcare than their male peers and they’re 75% more likely to use digital tools to track their health. In this session, we are spotlighting the innovation in women’s health and accelerating tech-powered solutions and products that are disrupting the market and changing our everyday lives for the better.

Session topics:
– Better Future
– Spotlights on start-ups
– Diversity and Femtech

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