Innovation & Corporate Venturing
In this session we will discuss the development of the innovation strategy that allows to create, monitor and manage its performance with concrete results, and explore a synergy between corporations and startups for value co-creation in leveraging strength of one another when it comes to innovation and operation. We will also walk you a journey of innovation through CVC. Understand what your company can do to initiate the CVC, discover the implications & why…decide to follow a CVC strategy and uncover what benefits, costs and obstacles lay within operating a CVC.

Decoding the Future X Factor
The Future predicted by fiction writers and blockbuster movies is now continuously becoming the truth. It leaves us to think what the tech innovation in the 10, 20 or 30 years from now will be? How the technology will change the life by the end of the decades? How the future technology impacts the way of business? And what should we do to shape the future of global technology? In this session we gaze into the next 20 years to look at how the world can change.

Coolest Creation
The world is full of creations. They might be absurd, foolish, bold, fearless, unconventional or even dangerous ideas; they could be cool, quirky & brilliant discoveries, or tremendously exciting products, or simply awe-inspiring ideas brought to life, and some of them will unleash monumental power to change the whole world. In this session, we will present the coolest creations, inventions & discoveries with technology innovators, inventors, scientists. Be prepared to be overwhelmed & unlock your wildest imaginations!

5G mmWave in Sports Conference
@ Kerry Hotel

Winter Olympics 2022 will be like no other. It is one of the first major sporting events to be empowered by 5G mmWave technologies to bring revolutionary experiences to audiences and players. Going beyond the Olympics, 5G mmWave technology is increasingly favoured by sports for its ultra-high speed and super-low latency to accommodate very high user densities and data volumes, which are perfect for crowded gatherings common in sporting events. Since global harmonized allocation for mobile at ITU’s 2019 World Radiocommunication Conference, mmWave spectrum is being assigned in many countries with deployment planned especially for city centres, hot spots and sporting venues.

This session will discuss various aspects of mmWave applications in sports, such as the technical challenges and breakthrough solutions, and scalable industrial solutions to address needs of verticals. The discussions will be followed by a fireside chat to explore best practices to cultivate a mmWave ecosystem.

Session topics:
– Innovation and corporate venturing
– Decoding the future X Factor
– Coolest creations
– 5G mmWave in Sports Conference

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