The facial recognition technology analyses your facial features by taking measurements of data points that make up the face. These data points include the distance between your eyes and the distance from forehead to chin, etc. The technology processes a number of data points to create a real-time map of your face. This is converted into a secure data pattern using a complex algorithm to create your biometric token. For security purposes at venue access, we will automatically match the image taken at the access point against your biometric token (i.e. your facial map).

For mainland Chinese visitors, when you access the event for the first time, the facial recognition gate will scan and read your Chinese ID card details (including ID number, name and photograph) and take a live photo of you (“First Entry Photo”). The facial recognition technology will make a facial comparison between the Chinese ID card photo and the First Entry Photo to grant you access to the event venue. For all further uses of facial recognition technology throughout the duration of the event, the facial recognition technology will make facial comparisons between the First Entry Photo and real time live photos in order to have the most accurate result

For non-Mainland Chinese visitors, the facial recognition technology automatically matches the live image that is against the photograph taken of you at the registration counter onsite.

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