MWC Shanghai 2022 COVID-19 Prevention Protocols

Please note we are awaiting the most up to date guidance from the Chinese National Health Commission, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Commerce and COVID-19 Prevention Guideline for Shanghai Exhibition Industry. Therefore, all measures detailed here are subject to change in response to the latest developments and guidelines set out by the Chinese Government, Venue or MWC Shanghai Team. 

Organiser is required to take the below epidemic prevention measures to ensure the health and safety of all exhibitors, visitors, partners and employees attending MWC Shanghai 2022 that will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre and Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, China (collectively hereinafter referred to as the “Venue”).

1. Admission rules

Each Attendee (as defined below) must undertake the Enhanced Identification Requirements (“EIR”) required by the Chinese government as set out below:

1.1 – In order to register for an Exhibition Pass, Gold Pass, VIP Pass (collectively “Onsite Exhibition Pass”) or to attend the Event onsite in any other authorized capacity, including but not limited to, all visitors, event attendees, staff, suppliers, exhibitors, press, delegates, VIPs, and any other individuals participating in the event (collectively “Attendees”) must pre-register online by using verified personal identity documents*[1].

1.2 – All Attendees must fulfil the conditions set forth in Section 1.2(a) – (b) below prior to being granted access to the Venue:

  • Any Attendee entering the exhibition venue with a Shanghai Health Code certificate must:
    • present original verified personal identity documents (electronic version will not be accepted),
    • wear a face mask,
    • present an updated GREEN Shanghai Health Code certificate** [2],
    • Present your GREEN Itinerary Code (it must show you are not from high-risk or medium risk areas)
    • pass a body temperature check, having a body temperature below 37.3℃, and
  • Any Attendee that does not have a Shanghai Health Code certificate or has returned/travelled from overseas countries or non-mainland China regions must: 
    • present original verified personal identity documents (electronic version will not be accepted),
    • wear a face mask,
    • present a notice on release from Medical Quarantine document to event staff showing negative Covid-19 test at a minimum of 2 days prior to the event day or as otherwise dictated by the local Chinese authorities prior to the Event,
    • pass a body temperature check, having a body temperature below 37.3℃,
    • present your original verified personal identity document that will be used on-site to verify your identity from the document photograph by event staff; and
    • facial recognition software will also be used that must match your face to one taken on-site by event staff.  

1.3 – Each Attendee agrees that their personal data can be used for EIR***[3], as set out below: 

  • the online event registration procedures described in Section 1.1 when registering for an Onsite Exhibition Pass or otherwise an Attendee; and
  • the on-site admission procedures described in Section 1.2 required to enter the Venue.
  • You acknowledge that if you don’t agree to the collection and use of the above personal data as detailed in Section 1.1 and 1.2 above, the Organiser will not be able to register you for an Onsite Exhibition Pass or permit you entrance to the Venue and recommend you the option of purchasing a Virtual Pass.

1.4 – Each Attendee must go through the admission procedures described in Section 1.2 again whenever re-entering to the Venue.

1.5 – Observation wards/medical rooms will be set up with healthcare specialists on duty by the Venue. Any Attendee with a temperature higher than or equivalent to 37.3℃ or displaying any other symptoms of COVID-19 will be denied admission by the Venue and offered the option to be taken to the observation ward/medical room at the Venue entrance or suggested to go to the designated hospital for further check-ups.

2. Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures

All Attendees are required to comply with the epidemic prevention and control measures set forth below at all times during the Event.

2.1 – Observe and comply with the travel and quarantine regulations in China and Shanghai.

2.2 – Observe and comply with the hygiene measures as directed by the Organiser and the Venue.

2.3 – Proactively learn and engage with practices that protect and combat the spread of COVID-19.

2.4 – Face masks must be worn at all times during the Event.

2.5 – Observe social distancing consistent with local guidelines or as directed by Event officials.

2.6 – Exhibitors must observe strict stand capacity, flow requirements and stand design adjustments.

2.7 – Exhibitors must ensure that all staff and contractors have received, as a minimum, training in the health and safety guidelines and rules provided in the Online Exhibitor Manual.

2.8 – Observe sterilisation regimes in place for audio-visual equipment as will be directed by Organiser

[1]  *The verified personal identity documents include PRC Resident ID Cards, Mainland Travel Permits for Hong Kong and Macau Residents, Mainland travel permits for Taiwan residents and Passports.

[2] **Scan the QR code to download the Alipay App and search “Jian Kang Ma (stands for Health Code)” program to generate your own Shanghai Health Code. A Chinese mobile number is required to complete the application.

[3] ***By completing the actions required in Section 1.1 and 1.2 I confirm I understand, (i) the function of the personal data collected, (ii) have read the entire content of these Guidelines, and (iii) I agree the Organiser is allowed to collect and use of my personal data for this purpose in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

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