Important Information for Registrants

In order to help you successfully complete the registration process for MWC Shanghai 2023, answers to common registration questions may be found below.

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Registration and Access Requirements

2023 New Registration and Access Requirement EN

What is Mandatory ID submission (real-name registration)?

Due to government registration rules & regulations, all attendees must self-register and insert their identity card/passport/travel permit number during the registration process. For Mainland Chinese visitors, real-time ID verification will be completed at the point of registration.

What if I do not want to provide my ID or passport details?

Unfortunately, a Virtual Pass option is not available for MWC Shanghai 2023. If you would like to join us in Shanghai this June, please purchase a pass providing your ID information during the registration process.

What are the access requirements?

To comply with the local regulations, all Mainland Chinese visitors must access the venue using Chinese ID cards. Please bring your Chinese ID card with you for access via the ID gates.

For non-Mainland Chinese visitors, please bring your passport or travel permit (whichever document you used during the registration process) to the event and approach the “Non-Mainland Chinese Visitors” registration counter and have your photo taken. You will be given a printed badge and will gain access through the ID gate to the event.

Without your Chinese ID, Passport or Travel Permit, your access will be denied.

Do I have to undergo facial recognition to access the venue?

Due to mandatory government regulations, we are required to implement facial recognition technology to grant you access to the event venue. In this regard, we will process your biometric data strictly for the limited purposes of verifying your identity and allowing you to access the venue.

How does the facial recognition technology work?

The facial recognition technology analyses your facial features by taking measurements of data points that make up the face. These data points include the distance between your eyes and the distance from forehead to chin, etc. The technology processes a number of data points to create a real-time map of your face. This is converted into a secure data pattern using a complex algorithm to create your biometric token. For security purposes at venue access, we will automatically match the image taken at the access point against your biometric token (i.e. your facial map).

For mainland Chinese visitors, when you access the event for the first time, the facial recognition gate will scan and read your Chinese ID card details (including ID number, name and photograph) and take a live photo of you (“First Entry Photo”). The facial recognition technology will make a facial comparison between the Chinese ID card photo and the First Entry Photo to grant you access to the event venue. For all further uses of facial recognition technology throughout the duration of the event, the facial recognition technology will make facial comparisons between the First Entry Photo and real time live photos in order to have the most accurate result

For non-Mainland Chinese visitors, the facial recognition technology automatically matches the live image that is against the photograph taken of you at the registration counter onsite.

To whom is my biometric data disclosed?

Your biometric data will be disclosed to Face++ which is the supplier for facial recognition activities at MWC Shanghai. Face++ is a government-approved supplier.

For how long is my biometric and ID data stored?

For both Mainland Chinese visitors and non-Mainland Chinese visitors, all ID data, including Chinese ID card details, passport or travel permit data, ID images, and face photographs are removed from our registration system, the ID gate vendor and Face++ four days after the event.

General Registration Enquiries

General Registration Enquiries EN

What does my pass type give me access to?

Please click here to access the information on prices and what benefits are included in each pass.

What are the payment methods?

We accept online RMB payment only. MasterCard, Visa, JCB, Alipay and WeChat Pay are available.

Is there a minimum age to attend MWC Shanghai?

Yes. The minimum age for an attendee accessing the event is 16. This is strictly enforced.

What is the Cancellation or Substitution Policy?

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Cancellations, as well as ‘no shows’, will be liable for the full registration fee. No refunds shall be given. Cancellation of travel reservation and hotel reservation are the exclusive responsibility of the registrant, irrespective of reason or cause.

To arrange a substitution, please e-mail full details to [email protected]. Please quote “Pass Substitution MWC Shanghai 2023” in the subject line of the e-mail. The new attendee will automatically be emailed a Confirmation email once the process has been completed. Please note that this might take a few days to complete. For a complimentary pass, please contact the inviting company for substitution arrangements.

Once a badge has been issued or Digital Access Pass activated at the event, substitutions are no longer allowed. To read our complete Attendee Terms and Conditions, click here.

Where do I collect my badge?

For mainland Chinese attendees, you will not be provided a printed badge, instead you will enter the event by scanning your Chinese ID card at our Facial Recognition gates. You can access our sessions by using your Digital Access Pass available in the GSMA WeChat official account.  Register via WeChat or login to your registration account and bind with WeChat.

For non-mainland Chinese attendees, you will be provided a printed badge and will gain access through the ID gate to the event.

Is there a networking badge for mainland Chinese attendees?

A print ready networking badge will be sent to you via email closer to the event. Please print it out prior to coming to the event. A badge holder and lanyard will be available for pick-up at the venue. Alternatively, you may get your networking badge printed at the event. Please visit this page for more information.

What are the registration opening hours?

Please click here for further information.

Registration Assistance

Registration Assistance EN

How do I register to attend?

Click here to begin your registration. Select a Pass Type or click “Apply Code” if you have received an invitation to attend and have a Registration / Discount Code. Follow the instructions to complete your registration in full.

When will I receive a registration confirmation?

Once your registration is completed, and your payment has been successfully processed, you will receive a Final Confirmation.

I don’t have an e-mail account to register. What should I do?

Those wishing to attend MWC Shanghai must have a valid e-mail account in order to register.

Once you have successfully registered, your confirmation, key updates and further information will be e-mailed to you prior to the event.

I received an invitation to attend. What should I do?

If you have received an invitation to attend, a Registration or Discount Code will be shown in the invitation e-mail, along with instructions on how to complete the registration process using this code. Please refer to that email before beginning the registration process.

I have received more than one invitation to attend, what should I do?

You only need to register once to attend MWC Shanghai. If you have already registered and you receive an invitation for a pass which provides you with access to more at the event than your current registration, you may upgrade your pass by logging in to your account here. Information on passes can be found here.

How can I change my personal information after I have registered?

You can sign in to your registration account at any time to view your registration and to update your personal details (Attendee e-mail address and Last Name cannot be changed).

I have forgotten my password

Click here to reset your password.

Can I print (or reprint) my registration invoice?

To print your invoice, click here to access your registration account, then select “Download your invoice/receipt”.

Chinese Fapiao will be issued. You may apply for an e-fapiao in your registration account after your registration and payment have been completed.

Can I register at the event?

We strongly recommend that you register before arrival.  If you are an overseas visitor, please make sure you leave enough time as you may be required to apply for a visa to enter China. Therefore, we highly recommend that you complete your registration as early as possible.

How do I contact the Registration Team if I have any questions not answered under FAQs?

You can email us at [email protected].

Visa & Invitation Letter Information

Visa Invitation Letters Information EN

Do I require a visa to enter China?

The Chinese government recommends you contact your local Chinese Embassy or Consulate-General for travel information. In addition, they provide this information on Chinese visa requirements.

Applicants who are applying for a Chinese visa may be required to submit the application in person to get fingerprints and photos approved at the Visa Application Centre, in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations, and based on the principle of reciprocity. Please do check with your local China embassy for detailed rules and visa application process, and please allow enough time to go through the visa application process.

Please reference the below links for further information:

How do I obtain a visa invitation letter?

After registering for the event, you can sign in to your registration account to request a visa invitation letter. Only fully paid and/or complimentary registrations will be granted visa invitation letters.

Neither the GSMA nor our registration partner take responsibility for the issuance of visas. It is the responsibility of attendees to ensure they allow sufficient time for the processing of their visa prior to travel to the event.

We are unable to provide assistance with visa applications beyond supplying the invitation letter. Additional information can be found in the Terms & Conditions.

Please note: GSMA is subject to international trade sanctions restrictions. Those trade sanctions prohibit GSMA Ltd. from issuing a visa support letter to delegates from Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria, as is also the case for delegates from other countries or territories who have been designated as sanctioned persons by the US, UK and/or EU authorities. 

Regardless of your personal visa invitation, you will not be permitted to access GSMA Ltd. events if the company you represent is subject to US, UK and/or EU trade sanctions. If you are unsure whether U.S. sanctions apply to you or your organization, please contact us at [email protected].

I have received my visa invitation letter but found some information to be incorrect, what should I do?

Please contact us at [email protected].

Press Registration Enquiries

Press Registration Enquiries EN

How do I register as Press/Analyst?

If you are a member of the media or an industry analyst and would like to attend MWC Shanghai, please review the criteria for accreditation and apply for Press/Industry Analyst Accreditation here.

Apply for Press/Industry Analyst Accreditation

For questions on Press/Industry Analyst accreditation, please email [email protected].

Speaker Registration Enquiries

Speaker Registration Enquiries EN

I am speaking at the conference. How do I register?

Conference and Keynote speakers have been contacted by the Speaker Management Team with instructions on how to register. You can contact the team directly at [email protected].

If you are speaking at an event or programme other than the official conference programme, please contact the organiser for that event for instructions on how to register.

GSMA Members Enquiries

GSMA Members Enquiries EN

GSMA Members Enquiries

GSMA members receive a 30% discount on VIP, Leaders Conference and Discovery Exhibition Pass for MWC Shanghai. Your Member ID is required to register and receive the discount. Please do not begin registration until you have your Member ID to hand.

  1. Log into Member Gateway
  2. Go to Member Organisations
  3. Search for your Member Organisation and click on your Organisation Page
  4. On your Organisation Page scroll down to Organisation Information to view your Member ID (your Member ID will be a six digit alphanumerical or six digit numerical code)
  5. In order to receive your discount, you must supply your Member ID prefixed with ‘MWCS’ during registration (i.e. if your Member ID is AB1234, enter ‘MWCSAB1234’ into the code box on the first step of the registration process).

If you have any issues with logging into Member Gateway to retrieve your Member ID please email [email protected]

Please note: GSMA Member Discounts can only be used by attendees from a member organisation. Member Discount codes should not be shared with external customers and clients. Should you have any queries regarding Member Discounts, please contact [email protected].

Exhibitor, Partner and Sponsor Registration Enquiries

Exhibitor, Partner and Sponsor Registration Enquiries EN

How can I access to Exhibitor & Partner (E&P) Invitation system?

Exhibitor, Partner and Sponsor’s registration coordinators should have received an email with login details. Please note that login details for your E&P Invitation System account will be the same as your registration account.

How can I invite or register my staff and guests?

GSMA Exhibitor & Partner (E&P) Invitation System enables you to manage your allocation of passes. You will be able to invite attendees to register. For more information on the invitation system and your allocation of passes, please check the Online Event Manual.

Why has bulk registration been removed from the E&P System?

Due to government registration rules & regulations, all attendees must self-register and input their name and ID card/Passport/Travel permit details at the point of registration.

To comply with data privacy regulation, the bulk registration function has therefore been removed from the system.

To offer you convenience when inviting your staff and guests, there will be a function available in the system – registration coordinators can share registration QR codes or registration links via WeChat.

I am working on/at a stand. Do I need to register?

Yes, all attendees, exhibitors and event participants must register. Please contact the Registration Coordinator of the Exhibitor or Partner for whom you are working. They should provide you with a Registration Code and instructions on how to register.

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