Session Description

After four successful editions at MWC Shanghai, the 5G Spectrum & Policy Forum returns at a critical juncture for our society’s recovery. The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has shown how critical connectivity is to the functioning and response of our society.

Mobile networks stood well to the test during these challenging times, thanks to the spectrum resources that underpin our modern connectivity. There have been encouraging actions from governments who have allocated more spectrum to help the industry cope with the rising surge of mobile data when more people stayed home, and the mobile industry effectively utilized their spectrum holdings to meet demands from a multitude of users, such as first responders and remote education.

These all point to one critical fact – a diverse portfolio of spectrum across the low-, mid-, and high-bands will be the foundation for mobile industry to provide the connectivity that is essential to our lives now.

At 2021 MWC Shanghai, the GSMA, together with its partners, will host the 5th Annual 5G Spectrum & Policy Forum. The event will again aim to bring governments and industry stakeholders from the region, either in-person or via live streaming and remote participation, to share insights and discuss the following topics:

08:30 – 09:00 (GMT+8)
Registration and Coffee


09:00 – 09:15 (GMT+8)
Welcome Remarks, GSMA

09:15 – 09:25 (GMT+8)
Masanori Kondo, Secretary General, Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT)

09:25 – 09:35 (GMT+8)
Stuart Cooke, Chair of Global Spectrum Group, GSA

09:35 – 09:45 (GMT+8)
Supportive Spectrum Policy for Sustainable Development of 5G and Beyond
Tide Xu
, Huawei


09:45 – 10:35 (GMT+8)
Future of Spectrum Planning & Assignments
The diverse needs of customers for 5G and the expansion of spectrum opportunities into the mmWave bands have promoted vivid discussions on the possible new ways of planning and assigning spectrum. This complexity has also brought new needs from operators to rethink their existing spectrum strategies across low-mid bands to adjust their networks to better suit new customer requirements on capacity, reliability and speeds. This panel will discuss some emerging new thinking in spectrum planning, as well as a renewed look at the strategies for low-mid bands at their renewal or replanning, e.g. larger contiguous blocks, refarming for more 4G and 5G and sunsetting 2G & 3G.

Chris Hose, Executive Manager, ACMA
Chee Kheong Foong, Group Head of Regulatory Affairs, Axiata
Prakash Moorut, Global Head of Spectrum Standardization Nokia Bell Labs & CTO

10:35 – 10:40 (GMT+8)

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