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Mobile technologies, including 5G, rely fundamentally on the availability and usability of radio spectrum. The success of 5G will be built on a broad range of spectrum resources to fulfil its vision for enhanced mobile broadband, massive machine type communications, and ultra-reliable low-latency communications. As 5G is being deployed globally, the mid-band spectrum, such as the 2.6 GHz and 3.5 GHz, has been immensely valuable for providing a good balance between coverage and capacity and thus allowing more people to access 5G at more affordable prices. However, the amount of spectrum in today’s mid-bands is limited due to other incumbent services, and very soon capacity will run dry facing the rapidly rising 5G usage. As more high-band spectrum such as the 26 GHz in the mmWave bands will be made available to enable greater capacity and speeds, it’s still critical that the governments and industry work together to explore additional mid-band spectrum to safeguard the rapid development of 5G at a greater scale. This session will explore the prospects and roads ahead for the 6 GHz band, a potential global mid-band spectrum for 5G and beyond, with leading policymakers and industry executives.

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