Session Description

China's digital economy development took the fast lane in 2020 on the eve of the country's 14th five-year plan. After more than ten years of continuous exploration, Chinese telcos have brought digital transformation to the next level toward higher intelligence, openness, and integration, influencing and leading their counterparts across the globe. Whale Cloud believes that telcos should be confident and have clear goals as they own a wealth of resources and complete infrastructures. While developing their core capabilities in cloud and network, telcos should build and upgrade unique and competitive digital systems with the support of middle platforms, processes, and data. To help telcos take on the digital transformation challenges that they face in the 5G era, Whale Cloud proposes suggestions and solutions regarding the methodologies, maturity models, low-code platforms, business operations and support, and new marketing modes, and exchanges ideas with customers and industry leaders about the future of digital transformation 2.0.

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