26-28 JUNE 2019

26-28 JUNE 2019



Anthony Goonetilleke

Anthony Goonetilleke


CTO & Group President - Entertainment, Media & Technology




As group president of Amdocs Technology, Anthony Goonetilleke is responsible for the company’s overall technology vision and manages Amdocs’ product and R&D units – in this capacity, he has led the charge of re-architecting Amdocs products to embrace microservices, developing cloud-native offerings, adopting open source software, and strengthening Amdocs’ partner ecosystem. Anthony also heads the Amdocs Media division, which serves the six largest Hollywood studios and delivers content on the cloud to more than 1,000 distributors around the world.


Previous senior roles at Amdocs include president of the AT&T division, responsible for the relationship with the company’s largest customer; he was also president of Amdocs’ Advertising and Media practice, in which he oversaw Amdocs’ relations with advertising service providers, media publishers and ad agencies. Anthony has also been the driving force behind Inspire, a cross-company women’s leadership program aimed at identifying, encouraging, and creating a career pathway for the next-generation of women leaders.


Anthony began his career with Amdocs in 1999 in Melbourne, Australia and was instrumental in building the first managed services outsourced data center for a Telstra subsidiary. His progression through the company included management roles supporting service providers in Australia and the United States. Prior to joining Amdocs, Anthony led the development of one of the first IP-based heterogeneous networks for the University of Melbourne, and was an active developer within the early Linux community during the ‘90s.

Anthony has an MBA from the Van Loan School of Graduate Studies in Boston and a Bachelor of Science from Victoria University in Melbourne.