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General manager of integration and Development Department of Beijing Ultrapower Software Co., Ltd., responsible for 5G information development of operators.

Ultrapower co, is committed to the construction of 5G message cloud ecosystem, and works with operators, channel partners, industry partners and capability service partners to build 5G message ecosystem. Based on its years of IM and RCS technology accumulation and customer resource accumulation, Ultrapower co. builds an open 5G message cloud platform, establishes an open service platform, opens up three major operators' channels for industry customers, integrates basic communication ability, integrates Internet technology service ability, goes with industry resource channel partners, and establishes an open ecology in all aspects.

Main resume:

1. Overall responsibility for 5G message of Ultrapower Co.,;

2. More than 10 years of R & D, management and operation support experience of China Mobile Feixin, Hefeixin and RCS integrated communication;

3. Rich experience in supporting the construction of RCS product platform system for privatization of 100 million users of 

industrial enterprises, such as China Mobile, CBC , China Merchants Bank, etc;

4. R & D experience in core products of telecom equipment manufacturers, such as Huawei GGSN / PDSN, UTStarcom value-added service platform, etc;


Let’s do it! RCS


Wed, 24 February


11:45 - 13:00


SNIEC: N4, Leaders Stage

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