26-28 JUNE 2019

26-28 JUNE 2019



Pete Lau

Pete  Lau






Pete Lau founded OnePlus in 2013 with a “flagship only” approach to product, and “Never Settle” approach to culture. OnePlus has launched 8 flagship products under Lau’s leadership, with a current business presence in 36 countries and regions around the world. In 2017, OnePlus exceeded $1.5 billion USD in annual revenues, with over 70 percent of revenues derived from outside of China.



Pete Lau grew up in southern China’s Hubei Province, near the banks of the Yangtze River. From a young age, Lau demonstrated outstanding sharpness in math and physics. In 1994, he won enrollment into China’s prestigious Zhejiang University, and graduated with a degree in electrical engineering. Lau joined BBK in 1998 as an electrical engineer, a career that fueled his relentless passion and focus on product quality and design. 


In 2004, Lau was part of the founding team of BBK’s OPPO Electronics, taking position as Head of Research and Development. Lau later became General Manager of OPPO’s Blu-ray Division in 2008, and is recognized for forging OPPO’s status at the premium Blu-ray DVD Player sought-after by audio and videophiles in the North America. Consumer Reports twice rated OPPO Blu-ray players as the best DVD player available in the US, and PC Magazine wrote, “Apple doesn't make Blu-ray players, but if it did, we have a feeling that OPPO Digital would still beat it in customer satisfaction.”


In 2012, Lau took lead of OPPO’s smartphone marketing approach, and initiated a significant transition to online marketing, leading launch of the Find 5 and N1 smartphones.


Building OnePlus

In December of 2013, Lau founded OnePlus with a core team that was determined to build a better smartphone. His “Never Settle” principles drove the growing team at OnePlus, creating a culture that has defined the OnePlus community and company since day one. Taking an internet centric approach to the entire business, the OnePlus mission remains to “share the best technology with the world.”


According to IDC, OnePlus ranked 1st in the US $400-600 open market in May 2018, with 44.3% market share. Additionally, data from Counterpoint reveals that OnePlus hit #1 market share with 62.2% of the India premium smartphone segment in Q3 2017. In Finland, OnePlus has been Elisa’s best-selling smartphone for 13 consecutive months.


In just 4 years, OnePlus has made impact across the world, with an active community of millions who contribute to making the products and company better. 


One flagship, for the world. Never Settle.