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Vincent Y. Wang is the Executive President of Wanxiang Blockchain Inc. Since joining Wanxiang in 2017, he has held a number of executive positions, including Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) of China Wanxiang Holdings Co., CIO of Wanxiang Innova City Inc., and Board of Directors of Wanxiang Venture Capital. In these roles he was responsible for Wanxiang's technology planning, strategic investments, business model innovation, global partnerships, and, ultimately, incorporating and operating Wanxiang's Innovation & Entrepreneurship platform. Before joining Wanxiang, Vincent was the General Manager of IBM Greater China’s New Business Initiatives. Throughout the 23 years of his career, Vincent held a series of executive positions at leading multinationals incl. Intel, Infineon and SMIC, and he co-founded Tangram Technologies Inc. Vincent holds an MBA from University of California, Berkeley, and an MS in Material Science & Engineering from University of Southern California.


Blockchain Meets IoT: Build A Trusted IoT Data Infrastructure


Tue, 23 February


16:00 - 17:15


SNIEC: N4, Leaders Stage

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