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Mr. Zheng graduated from the Institute of quantum electronics, Peking University. He is engaged in quantum optics and precision measurement of atomic clocks.

Lingxi AR technology company founder & CEO.

Lingxi AR was established in 2014, focus on the optical display core technologies including high-precision optical design and fabrication, multi-layer physical vapor deposition (PVD), Semiconductor fabrication and micro-nano fabrication, breakthrough technology and become the leader of AR optical display technology in China. Having studied AR optical display technology for many years, it has 70 core patented technologies covering the design, process, standard, installation and other fields. Mr. Zheng holding leadership positions across disciplines from strategy and business development.   

Mr. Zheng has won a number of national awards and honors in the scientific and technology innovation field. Including MIT Technology Review's 17th "Under 35 Entrepreneur" nomination (MIT TR35);Creating Youth-Zhongguancun U30 winning enterprise under 35 years old business man;Entrepreneur Consultant of Optics College, University of Rochester in USA;Youth CEO club originator and director of Peking University.


Coolest Creation


Wed, 24 February


16:15 - 17:30


SNIEC: N4, Leaders Stage

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