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5G IoT Summit - Making IoT Work for Customers


Wed, 26 Jun: 10:00 - 12:30 CST

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MWC Open Stage, SNIEC – N4 E70

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Session Description

As 5G Massive IoT, including LTE-M and NB-IoT , continues to grow and scale up we see new technologies and enablers like NTN Satellite linking with Cellular LPWAN to enhance coverage for customer applications. Other new technologies like RedCap and Passive IoT will bring additional features and capabilities for IoT applications. Hear how RedCap for IoT is already making ground in Asia. We will also explore the Global trends in IoT and what we expect to happen in the next few years. Additionally, the new GSMA IoT eSIM specification has launched which is specifically designed to meet the requirements of end customers. There is a growing need for automating Operations and Data management and opportunities now arise for AI to play a role in IoT to create value that will save time and money.



10:00-10:10 - GSMA Welcome and Introduction

Speaker: Shantal Wilson, Marketing Communications Manager, GSMA


10:10-10:25 - Focusing on RedCap Scale Development, Accelerating the Prosperity of Industrial Ecology

Speaker: Wei Yu, Deputy General Manager of the Government and Enterprise Business Dept, China Mobile



10:25-10:40 - RedCap Enables Ubiquitous 5G IoT, Striding to the Intelligent World

Speaker: Xiang Fang, Vice President of Wireless Network Product Line, Huawei


10:40-10:55 - Globalization of IoT industry

Speaker: Henry Zhang, Chairman & CEO, TUGE Technologies 


10:55-11:25 - Panel Session: 5G IoT with RedCap
Large Scale Deployment

Moderator: Terence Wong, Head of APAC 5G Industry & IoT, GSMA


Rennai Xie, Hardware R&D Director of the IoT Business Dept, China Unicom Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and Director of the 5G IoT OPENLAB, China Unicom

Hongbin Ma, Deputy General Manager of the Carrier XtoB Solution Dept, Huawei

Fu Zhewei, Chief 5G expert of the Central Research Institute , Dahua Technology


11:25-11:40 - IoT Security Best Practices for Customer Trust

Speaker: James Lai, Chairman, Malaysia IoT Association


11:40-11:55 - IoT Market Analysis

Speaker: Jim Morrish, Founding Partner,Transforma Insights


11:55-12:10 - Future Technologies - Connectivity choices for international IoT

Speaker: Kelvin Pan, General Manager, Telenor IoT


12:10-12:25 - GSMA 5G IoT Community in Asia 

Speaker: Terence Wong, Head of APAC 5G Industry & IoT, GSMA


12:25-12:30 - 5G IoT Summit Closing Remarks

Speaker: Shantal Wilson, Marketing Communications Manager, GSMA

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