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Satellite and NTN Summit


Fri, 28 Jun: 10:00 - 12:30 CST

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MWC Open Stage, SNIEC – N4 E70

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Session Description

Hosted by GSMA Intelligence


Satellite is in the here and now


Momentum in the telco-satellite convergence story is now shifting from pilots to commercial launches, some of which have already happened, although most of which will come online in 2024 and 2025. This reflects growing ecosystem maturity and pragmatism among operators of the value of satellite in bridging coverage gaps while targeting new (potentially higher) revenue streams. Besides Starlink, OneWeb/Eutelsat and Amazon’s Kuiper, new competitors and constellations promise even an increasingly vibrant market dynamic. Activity has also expanded to the handset and chipset sectors to integrate NTN compatibility with their own designs – presenting an order of magnitude increase in the addressable customer base for satellite-enabled services. The satellite-enabled market targets 500-600m people who are out of coverage (7% of global population), a further 300m who are on the edge of coverage, and 2 billion IoT devices (10% of the addressable IoT base). 


Telcos in Asia, including China, are no different, with the region home to the largest number of satellite partnerships with operators at 33 as of May 2024. The connectivity extension targets new subscribers, better coverage for existing ones, seamless roaming, and service availability for businesses in hard to reach areas or those that carry transient assets like logistics and precision agriculture using drones.


Join us in this new Summit as we explore:

- The top strategic priorities and emerging potential of satellite networks to revolutionize global connectivity via integration with mobile networks (4G and 5G)

- Addressable revenue across consumer and B2B/IoT segments

- Changing competitive dynamics among satellite and HAPS groups

- Technological advances at the satellite, chipset and device level

- Viable business models in telco-satellite partnerships(all segments)

- Regulatory considerations to enable scale

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