Environmental Programme

Join the green movement at MWC Shanghai.


There are three important ways to help:

1. Offset your carbon footprint

Your flight, accommodation, transportation and food choice generates an impact on the environment. Make this as small as possible by offsetting your footprint. Click here for more details.

2. Use your digital badge & recycle your printed badge

Use the digital badge to save paper and help the environment. If you do go for the printed badge option, recycle it at the end of the event – there are recycle bins at the exits.

3. Minimise your impact

What is the Environmental Programme?

It’s a carbon-neutral programme, committed to reducing the impact of our business on the environment, both in our offices and at our events. All GSMA offices and all GSMA events, including the Mobile 360 series have been certified as carbon neutral since 2016. This makes GSMA a carbon-neutral company, a certification we intend to renew each year. Our objectives are:


our emissions and waste to contribute to the preservation of the environment


our attendees to be green along with us and educate them about our goals


new and additional opportunities to reduce our event’s environmental impact


wherever possible our suppliers and exhibitors to minimise their impact on the environment

Improving every year

We have been certified carbon neutral from 2015 to 2019 and MWC Shanghai 2019 was officially certified by the Aenor International under the international PAS 2060 standard, reinforcing its position as the largest carbon neutral exhibition and conference in Asia.

We are constantly working on new initiatives, and aim to generate the least waste possible by recycling or donating the majority of event material.

  • 2015
    – First Carbon Footprint Calculation and offset
    – The largest conference and exhibition in Asia, was certified as carbon neutral
  • 2016
    – First year all GSMA events and offices became carbon neutral
  • 2017
    – Launch of the donation room programme at MWC Shanghai
  • 2018
    – GSMA launched the SDG’s at MWC Shanghai
    – First launch of the attendee Carbon Footprint Offsetting Programme
  • 2019
    – Encouraged the reduced use of plastic by providing water stations at MWC Shanghai
    – Provided badge recycling bins at MWC Shanghai

New for MWC Shanghai 2021

  • More Digital
    Digital badge – to minimise printing and plastic consumption, we’re implementing digital badges for mainland Chinese visitors at MWC Shanghai 2021.
    Digital signage & agenda board – we are moving towards more digital signage to reduce the single-use printed signage.
  • Garbage sorting
    From July 2019, Shanghai City has implemented a mandatory garbage sorting system to enable more recycling and turn waste into resources. There are garbage bins of different categories in the venues.
  • The Green Stand Initiative
    We provide a free carbon footprint study to space-only exhibitors, so we can understand their impact on the environment and help them create more sustainable stands for future events.

Carbon Neutral Programme Partner


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