Regional Roundtables​

The purpose is to strengthen cooperation between major international countries and China, share experiences, and highlight the achievements of cross-border collaborations.​

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*2024 Regional Roundtables​ include:*

2024 Regional Roundtables​ include:

  • MENA Roundtable ​
  • LATAM Roundtable​
  • AFRICA Roundtable​
  • APAC  Roundtable

These roundtable meetings are led and organized by the respective GSMA Heads of each Region. Each roundtable brings approximately 20 senior government officials and industry leaders, including operators and enterprises and connectivity eco system players, to MWC Shanghai to debate and discuss topical issues.

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“We had the great pleasure of working with the GSMA Team to support our roundtable event. The team was proactive, highly responsive to feedback / input and very accommodative when issues arose that required quick pivoting. I would highly recommend using their services for organizing a roundtable event at future conferences​.”

Brad Rose, Chief of Staff to Global Unlimited Reality Practice Lead, Deloitte​

Sponsorship opportunities

To enable interested companies to participate effectively, exclusive sponsorship opportunities are available for each roundtable. The advantages of sponsorship extend beyond enhancing brand influence and offer deep interaction with international executives and senior government officials, thereby expanding the potential for further business opportunities.​

  • 3 minute sponsor welcome and closing remarks at the roundtable.
  • Opportunity to make suggestions on the topic and agenda for the roundtable.
  • One seat at the roundtable for the Sponsor and an extra observer seat for Sponsor’s guest (subject to GSMA title approval).
  • Make suggestions for the invitee list.
  • Sponsor mention in any relevant social media announcements made by the GSMA Head of Region.
  • Acknowledgement as the sponsor of the roundtable on the invite.
  • Branding elements across the event, website and on our social media.
  • Networking during the roundtable coffee break.
  • Involvement with the GSMA regional head for the organising of the roundtable (subject to timely contract signature).
  • Sponsor to receive contact details of roundtable participants.

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