GSMA Programmes

GSMA Programmes are designed to provide insights and updates on key GSMA and industry initiatives. Attendees have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of industrial trends and engage with world-class professionals when they take part in these sessions.

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GSMA Summits & Programmes @MWC Shanghai 2024​

The GSMA is a member organisation representing and supporting the work of hundreds of connectivity organisations. In helping to strive towards common goals and foster innovation and growth within our industry, the GSMA brings together expert speakers and thought leaders at a series of summits at MWC events. Looking at today and tomorrow’s pressing technology challenges, new standards and systems, questions of business and engineering, these summits are your opportunity to speak and present your organisation in front of an eager, targeted group of technology experts and buyers.

"To guarantee stability, the eSIM solution has undergone comprehensive testing before its implementation. This enables it to access global networks on various platforms, thereby achieving the true "One Chip, One World" concept. TMC's eSIM solution for global mobile terminals has been launched commercially, meeting the demands of high-security applications, including automotive electronics and IoT terminals."

John Zou
EVP, Tongxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd.