27-29 JUNE 2018

27-29 JUNE 2018


Become a Speaker

Our world-class thought-leadership conference programme covers the most critical topics in the mobile industry. While you can find an agenda overview on this website we use a ‘Call For Papers’ process to discover what’s happening in the industry and develop the agenda and speaker line-up in more detail.

Highlight what you are doing by submitting a proposal to speak at our Conference using the links below. Any information that you share will be treated as confidential, so if you would like to use the stage to make announcements, demonstrate new products/services etc. then let us know.

Submit a proposal to MWC Shanghai 2018 call for papers

Please put forward any proposals before 19 January 2018 to have the best chance of being selected. We will keep the Call For Papers site open after this so you can share fresh ideas with the team at any time, but the agenda will be filling up fast and there will be fewer opportunities. However, we will also consider all proposals in case they could add value to other GSMA events in the calendar or even MWC Shanghai 2019.

Our conference team has created a blog where they offer tips and insights into the GSMA conference process and what is happening with our events. Check out Conference Confidential today! Especially, you might like this article about what makes a great proposal.